Items Accepted / Not Accepted

Spring Receiving List: 

-Inventory count must be at least 30 and no more than 400 items-

Clothing - ACCEPTED

  • Spring/Summer Girls & Boys Clothing Sizes 0-20

  • Limit of 40 pieces/per gender for 0-24 months

  • Limit of 20 pieces per gender for junior sizes (must be teen/tween brands)

  • Clothing limits include any hanging items

  • TIP: Clothing sells best when paired with coordinating items and hung as an outfit

  • Seasonal shoes (limit 8 pairs) in good condition, limit includes athletic shoes

  • Outerwear: light jackets, rain coats, rain boots

  • Seasonal Clothing: Easter, 4th of July

  • Pajamas – good condition, light weight, spring/summer themes, no long sleeves

  • Short sleeve shirts and dresses

  • Dance clothing

  • Swim suits in good condition and swim cover ups

  • School uniform clothing

  • Children’s accessories: purses, child appropriate bags, lunch boxes, backpacks



  • No out-of-date and/or out of season clothing 

  • No long sleeves unless a lightweight jacket

  • No clothing that is stained or badly picked

  • No clothing that has an odor

  • No heavy, wintery fabrics

  • No socks or tights, unless pinned to a matching outfit 

  • No underwear or training pants

  • No children’s jewelry, hats, hairbows, or accessories that go on head

  • No adult clothing – usually sized in even numbers while juniors is sized in odd numbers

  • No helmets

  • No maternity clothes


Baby Items – ACCEPTED

  • Baby Furniture

  • Strollers, high chairs, exersaucers, baby gates, bouncers, etc. - must be completely assembled and clean

  • Bath tubs/bath accessories

  • Infant Travel items/carriers

  • Infant sleep sacks IF they are hung like pajamas



  • No infant or child feeding accessories

  • No bottles, bibs, sippy cups or pacifiers

  • No car seats, unless they are part of a stroller set, no booster seats

  • No breast pumps, breast pump bottles, or tubes

  • No bras or nursing bras

  • No infant bedding, crib bedding, child bedding, pillows or blankets

  • No infant stuffed animals

  • No Boppy Pillows

  • No Bumbo seats that have been recalled


Toys & Electronics - ACCEPTED

  • Sports Equipment

  • Large Toys - playhouses, slides, climbers, etc.

  • Bicycles and other ride-on toys

  • Toys and games in working condition with batteries as necessary

  • Children books, games, puzzles

  • Video Games with a rating of E for Everyone; must be in case

  • DVDs with a rating of G or PG; must be in case


Toys & Electronics – NOT ACCEPTED

  • No stuffed animals unless they walk or talk

  • No battery-operated toys and games without working batteries

  • No Halloween costumes

  • No VHS Cassette tapes

  • No video games with a rating other than E for Everyone; games outside of case

  • No DVDs with a rating greater than PG; games outside of case


Children’s Home Décor – ACCEPTED

  • Child-related frames and room décor

  • Child-related furniture


Children’s Home Décor – NOT ACCEPTED

  • No sleeping bags

  • No bedding (crib, twin, full, queen) 

  • No pillows or blankets

  • No drop down side cribs

  • No adult décor – must look like it goes in a child’s bedroom