Check-in and Pick-Up

Check-in Appointments

Once you have completed the registration process, you must schedule an appointment to complete your registration and to bring your items to Check-in. Please select your Check-in Appointment Time as early as possible! Popular appointment times fill up fast. Consignors who volunteer for Receiving Shifts should choose an appointment before or after their volunteer shift.

Out of courtesy for others, if you need to make a change to your check-in appointment, do this as soon as you know it is necessary. Any changes can be made online before Saturday Receiving begins. Please delete your prior appointment time and schedule another one in any of the remaining time slots. If you must change or cancel a check-in appointment after Receiving begins, please email us at

Before you come to Check-In

  • Sort your clothing by size and gender to speed up the process for our Receiving Volunteers. If your clothing items are not properly sorted, you will be asked to sort them before we begin the inspection process.
  • Make arrangements for childcare. Your children are welcome to come with you if necessary, but your appointment might go more smoothly if you come alone.  Unfortunately, at this time, we can only provide childcare for volunteers during their volunteer shift.  We cannot provide it for consignors who are checking in.
  • Label your bins with your name. Some get left behind by mistake and we want to get them back to the rightful owner.
  • Plan to come as close to your appointment time as possible, but be prepared to wait if we are running behind.
  • Please bring all items to your appointment.  

What to Expect at Check-In

  • Please park in the parking lot on the Indian Lake Road side of the church. You should see a sign on the middle double doors under the white columns for the Consignor Entrance. Please use this door and come down the ramp and hallway to our gym.
  • Inside the gym doors, stop at Check-in Central. We will start the process for you and put your name in line to have your items inspected. 
  • While you wait for your turn at a Check-in table, please bring all of your items to the designated waiting area.
  • After your items have all been unloaded please have five items test scanned near Check-in Central. Items with tags that do not scan cannot be sold at our sale. If your tags do not properly scan, you might need to reprint your tags. We will have computers, printers, and cardstock available for this situation. 
  • When your name is called to go to a check-in table, please carry your your items to your assigned table and the Receiving Volunteers. Please return the the Consignor Waiting Area.
  • After your items have been checked, you will be called back to the check-in table to collect your unaccepted items.
  • Please return the Receiving Checklist to Check-in Central. You will sign your Consignor Agreement, receive the appropriate Presale Pass and be free to go. You must Checkout with us before you leave.


  • On pick-up day, bring a box or laundry basket to collect your smaller items and make it easier to carry to your vehicle.
  • Please arrive during the scheduled time and check in with our committee members at the front of the gym to receive instructions regarding pick-up.
  • Make sure to bring your the claim ticket with your consignor # on it to ensure an efficient pick up process.
  • Look through the items to make sure everything in your stack belongs to you. We do our best to sort everything correctly, but it is a huge task and mistakes could be made. 
  • Take a moment to look through the "lost my tag" section. Sometimes we find items that have lost their tags and we want to return them to their rightful owner.
  • Consider donating unsold items. Nonprofits such as Samaritan Center, Cumberland Pregnancy Center, Nurses for Newborns and local schools thankfully pick up unsold items.
  • Checks will be mailed the week after the close of the sale.