Consignor Checklist

All items will be inspected for cleanliness, holes, stains, missing parts, and proper tagging. Floods of Duds is known for quality merchandise.

Please double check that: 

  • You have an appointment to consign. We cannot accept your items without an appointment. 
  • Clothing is not out of date.
  • Clothing is the proper season.
  • Clothing is in good condition. 
  • Toys work and batteries are included when necessary.  
  • Items are not over our limits. 
  • You have a minimum of 30 items to participate in the sale.
  • You do not have more than 300 items.
  • You do not have items on our unacceptable list
  • Your tags are printed on white cardstock - any weight between 65lbs and 110lbs should be fine. Do not use textured paper as barcodes might bleed.  
  • Barcodes are crisp and clear. If your barcodes are fuzzy, faded, or look like they have been erased, please change your ink cartridge and reprint. You may need to use a different printer. We recommend printing tags on normal or draft setting; best quality is too dark and causes the bar codes to bleed. 
  • Tape is not covering your barcodes.   
  • Clothing is on wire hangers and hung correctly. 

Remember that clothes that are washed, ironed and hung neatly on hangers will sell better than items that look wrinkled and/or sloppy!