Preparing Your Items


Here are some tips:

  • Ask yourself: would I buy these items at the price I am asking?
  • Usually consignors use the rule of thumb "do not price more than 50% of what it was purchased for."
  • Keep in mind the age and condition of the item.
  • Please do not directly transfer all items that didn't sell in another sale directly into our sale. If they didn't sell last time, then the price and item need to be reevaluated, plus tags get old and don't scan well when transferred from sale to sale. 

Tagging Materials

  • Iron
  • Zip-loc bags
  • Clear packaging tape
  • White card stock
  • Silver safety pins
  • Zip ties
  • Wire hangers

Clothing & Hangers

  • Clothing size 2T and up must be on wire hangers. This is for protection of the items and space on the racks. If your clothing is on plastic hangers when you check-in, you will be asked to rehang it all on wire hangers.
  • Clothing sizes 0 to 24 month items can use plastic or wire hangers.
  • Clothing should be attached to the hanger in a secure fashion.

Pinning & Tagging

  • The hook of the hanger should face toward the right shoulder of the item. (The hook will appear left when you look at it laying flat and face up.)
  • All tags must be printed on white cardstock. No plain paper tags will be accepted.
  • The tag should be pinned with a silvertone safety pin on the left shoulder of the item. (The tag will appear right when you look at it laying flat and face up.) Do not use small gold safety pins or straight pins.
  • If your tags are pinned incorrectly, we will ask you to re-pin them, so that they will show properly when hanging on the racks.
  • Pins should be placed above the dotted line on the printed tag.
  • If the item has multiple pieces, pin them all together so they do not become separated.
  • Pants on a paper-covered hanger will slide less and look neater, helping them to be seen better.
  • Many dry cleaners will give you hangers, or you can purchase light-weight wire hangers from Wal-Mart, Dollar General, etc.
  • Clothing seems to sell best when paired with coordinating items and hung as an outfit. 


  • Toys with small parts should be placed in a ziploc bag, with the bag securely taped with clear packing tape. Please do not put tape over the bar code.
  • If small parts go with a larger item, please secure the bag to the larger item with packing tape.


  • Shoes should be properly secured together, whether with a zip tie, in a zip-lock bag, etc. It is common for customers to want to try shoes on their children, so please keep this in mind. We find a lot of lost tags from shoes, so please attach as securely as possible.


See Tagged Clothing example: