Using Mycm

Registration Instructions

1. Login to Mycm at or click CONSIGN at the top of this website.

New Users

2. Click Create User Account
3. Complete information.
4. Click Create Account button

Returning Users

2. Enter your user id and password. If you have forgotten either one, please use the links provided to have them emailed to you.
3. On the "Sale's Registration Options" page, your previous consignor # will appear in the Seller # box. Do not change this number.
4. Complete the "how did you hear about us" section and then click "Register Me."
5. Select "Check-In Schedule.” You must have an appointment to participate in our sale.
7. Please check your email account for a confirmation email that will let you know you have successfully registered for the sale.

Note: Do not click “Register Me as a Volunteer Only” if you are going to be a seller. You will be given the option to volunteer on the next page.


Volunteering helps us run the sale efficiently and effectively, and you will have the opportunity to shop first and can make more money!
To volunteer, login to Mycm and select “Volunteer.” Pick the time slots that work best for you. The more you volunteer, the better your benefits.

Entering Items

Choose "Enter Items" AND enter all requested information, including:

  • discount -check this box only if you would like your item to be sold for 50% off on discount days.
  • donate - check this box if you plan to immediately donate this item if it has not sold by the end of the sale
  • size - please use numbers, i.e.: 4T, 5, 6, and not letters, i.e.: S, M, L, etc. (unlessthe item is a maternity or junior item)
  • description/brand name - 2 lines are provided, so be as detailed as you want
  • price - select price from drop-down menu; prices are in $.50 increments
  • category - select a category from the drop-down menu

NOTE: Your seller number is pre-filled so the correct number will always be on your tags!!! After entering your item, click "Add item". Your item is now saved in your inventory and you can enter your next item. HINT: The process goes faster if your clothing is sorted by gender, size and brand. This is because certain fields retain their previous information after an item has been entered, thus allowing you to tab through those fields making the entry process even faster! TIP: You can put the brand on line 1 of the description and more detail on line 2. Example: Description Line 1: Gap, Description Line 2: denim dress.

Printing Tags

  • You can either print tags as you go (ON WHITE CARDSTOCK ONLY) or after you have entered all your items. You will print 8 tags to one sheet of cardstock.
  • Select the group of tags you want to print from the options available. Select the sale from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on "Generate Items List." (Read instructions to generate tags at top right ofscreen.)
  • Check tags to print. If you are choosing to print all your tags, you can select the box at the top of the items list and it will automatically select all of your items. Click on "Generate tags".
  • You do not need a print code if you registered through the website!
  • In order for your tags to generate properly, you must have your web browser set to allow pop-ups for this website.
  • Click on the link provided to download your tag file.
  • Print the file.

Transfering Items from Prior Sale

  • Go to "Manage Inventory"
  • Select "Items NOT sold only"; select previous sales from which you wish to transfer items; then click on "Generate Items List"
  • Check all items you want to transfer
  • Select the sale you want the items moved to from the drop-down box
  • Click on "Transfer Item(s) to Consignment"
  • Your items have now been moved to the current sale and you have not had to retype anything!
  • If you wish to transfer items from other sales which are not Floods of Duds, you will need to log in to your mycm account from This is because when you log in through, you will only see Floods of Duds sales.

Viewing Your Projected Earnings

Once the sale is underway, we will update the system nightly with items that have sold during the day.
To view your projected settlement, follow these steps:

  • Click on the option "View Settlement Report".
  • Your sold items will not appear as sold in your inventory until the sale is closed and the consignor checks have been generated. We will notify you when this step is complete.